5 Fast Facts Friday

Paramedic Facts 2

Welcome to the very first edition of 5 Fast Facts Friday!  This is a segment that will become available every Friday, and will include, just as the name implies, five fast facts. There may be a theme to this weekly post, or it may include five completely random puffs of FOAM.  My goal with Ditch Doc EM has been to keep each post as brief as possible, but you can be sure that 5F³ will be faster than the ticker of a WPW patient on cocaine! Continue reading “5 Fast Facts Friday”

Over-worried parents, or a potentially fatal pediatric illness?


When presented with a young child who does not appear particularly sick, it can be tempting to assume that the parents are just being over cautious.  Kids are tough, though, and sometimes identifying a pathology, especially early on, can require a little more legwork than in an adult patient.  Croup is a particularly dangerous childhood illness, and our little patients deserve this extra legwork. Continue reading “Over-worried parents, or a potentially fatal pediatric illness?”