Recommended Reading

Books I Recommend

Below are some of my favorite books.  Just like my site, most of them are brief.  Every one of these books has helped me immensely in my practice, and will surely do the same for you!  By using the link below to purchase them, the site will receive a small commission at no cost to you.  Of course, if you would prefer not to purchase in this manner, I still recommend finding them at the bookseller of your choice.

Avoiding Common Prehospital Errors is a great book to have around when you want to read something that is brief, and useful.  Packed with tons of excellent considerations that will pay big dividends in terms of the care you provide.  Great for all provider levels!

This book is especially useful for students and new providers, but also for those who would like to refresh their knowledge of pathophysiology.  An invaluable book that will last you a long time!

Hands down, this is the best field guide ever made!  Okay, maybe I’m a little bias since I wrote it, but it is what I carry on every shift.  I wrote this book because I realized that I rarely ever used the pocket guide that I had purchased, due to the enormous amount of content contained.  I would flip through page after page, only half of the time finding what I was actually looking for.  So I started putting together my own reference material on laminated pocket-sized cards.  A few co-workers told me that they were pretty neat, so I transformed them into my first book!  It is available as a Kindle e-book, or as a durable, waterproof edition.

If you don’t have Tintinalli’s, you’re wrong.  This is the bible of emergency medicine, and a must for providers of all levels!  The eighth edition is coming very soon!

The “made ridiculously simple” crew has done it again, with this awesome book!  Fluids, electrolytes, and Acid-Base balance are so important- yet so confusing for many of us.  This book is sure to have you understanding these core concepts like a seasoned pro in no time!

If you are a Paramedic or Nurse who is planning to sit for the FP-C, or CCP-C exams, you NEED THIS BOOK!  Filled with questions which are VERY similar to those on the exam, and the rationales behind the correct answer, this book will have you ready, and feeling prepared for the exam.

This book is a great read, and it’s short.  Providers of all levels will gain a greater amount of confidence in their abilities when they are conducting a neuro exam.

If you have ever missed an IV stick, this book is for you!  I was very skeptical of this book prior to reading it, but I gave it a shot anyway.  I immediately saw my success rate increase, especially with elderly and diabetic patients.  This book truly is worth its weight in gold.  Awesome book for both new and experienced providers.

This is an awesome book that digs into the details of interpreting capnography waveforms.  Even if you already have a pretty good handle on capnography, your understanding and interpretation skills are sure to improve after reading this book!