Medic Tools

Medic Tools (EMS Tools)

Here are a few EMS tools that will help you provide appropriate care quickly and accurately.  All of these EMS tools are free to download and use.  They are available in a variety of formats to allow you maximum flexibility with the document.  I will continue to update this page with new EMS tools frequently as I develop new ones.

Pediatric Resus Tool

This is a template document in MS Word format that provides volume doses for some of the more critical (and time sensitive) pediatric medications.  As always, ensure that you follow local protocols for your system.  The document can be edited as needed, so be sure to check it over and make appropriate adjustments, if required.


Basic EMS Acronyms & Assessment Tool

This is a tool that I made for a friend while he was attending EMT class to use as a guide for patient assessment.  It covers scene size up, primary assessment, SAMPLE History, OPQRST, and a few other reminders for those who are just starting out, or prefer to have a reminder/checklist available on scene.

Download Basic EMS Acronyms & Assessment


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