New iPhone Vein Finder App

Most have seen the newer advances in vein finder technology. Check out this new iPhone app that will have you finding difficult to locate veins on the go!

Vein Finder Technology- On Your Personal iPhone

Over the weekend, I discovered a new app that I was a bit skeptical of and wanted to give it a review for all of you EMS tech junkies.  The app is called VeinSeek Pro and claims to be able to locate veins that are not visible to the naked eye using only the camera from your iPhone.  The developer states that this is accomplished by using “multispectral imaging and the intrinsic optical properties of skin” which gives greater contrast to veins.

How Well Does This Vein Finder Work?

First of all, here is an image of my own forearm with the “VeinSeek Off”.  (This may be confusing because of the tab at the top that reads “VeinSeek On”, that is actually the button you press to turn the vein finder function on.)

vein finder veinseek pro veinseek off
Image of the author’s arm with the Veinseek pro vein finder in “Veinseek off” mode.

And now one of my forearms with the “VeinSeek On”.

vein finder veinseek on
Image of the author’s forearm using the Veinseek pro vein finder application in “Veinseek On mode” for iphone.

So, as you can see, it does increase the contrast of veins which I found to be pretty cool.  As you can see, the app allows the user to activate the flashlight feature on your phone for low light situations and also allows you to capture a photo of exactly what you are looking at.  The scale to the right of the camera allows the user to adjust the contrast for various skin types and/or lighting.  When I purchased the app, it retailed for a modest $4.99, and unfortunately, it appears that it is currently only available for iPhone users.

Who Makes The Veinseek Pro Vein Finder?

Here is a video produced by the manufacturer about the product.

To sum it all up, the app does what it says.  Most of all, it gives an edge to those practitioners whose system does not have ultrasound or vein mapping technology.  The Veinseek Pro is not the same type of vein finder that you may be used to, hence, it can take an adaptation period.  It does not seem quite as effective as some of the more advanced technology that is being used in hospitals now, but it is pretty cool to say the least.  Because the VeinSeek Pro is not listed as a medical device, the developer provides a disclaimer regarding its use.  Even if you find that the app is not particularly helpful to you for use in the field, you will certainly get a good bit of entertainment value out of it.

Finally, I should also mention that the views expressed in this article are my personal opinions.  I am not affiliated with the VeinSeek Pro app, nor did I receive compensation of any type for writing this article.

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